Mission & Vision


Tomas Claudio Memorial College will

– provide opportunities for professional growth and development of entrepreneurial skills and competencies:
– pursue its commitment to academic excellence through the development and inculcation of “Claudian” values such as personal discipline and love of God   to promote community service -oriented graduates.



Tomas Claudio Memorial College aspires to be a community-based institution of learning dedicated to academic excellence, employing democratic and ideal leadership to deliver educational services geared towards the attainment of quality life among its clientele.



The Tomas Claudio Memorial College believes in democratic education for social competence and responsibility. It endeavors to provide its students with a working understanding of the nature, meaning and importance of education in the dynamics they expect to work and live.

Tomas Claudio Memorial College is committed to develop good moral character, personal discipline, professional competence, rational thinking, seriousness of purpose and love of God among its students.