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Focused on student learning and personal accountability, the TCMC High School department is dedicated to fostering a respectful, committed, and collaborative environment to maximize student success.

•Pioneer in Higher Education in Eastern Rizal
•Biggest campus in terms of land area among
  private institutions in Eastern Rizal
•BSBA Level 1 Accredited by PACUCOA
•High passing percentage in various board
  examinations (CPA, LET, Nursing Exam)
•Strong, dynamic and community-oriented
  institution integrating state-of-the-art
  technology and facilities
•Cutting-edge curricula that exceed preparation
  requirements for licensure examination
•Competent, qualified and experienced faculty
  members and clinicians
•International Practicum or On-the-Job Training
  in the United States of America (USA)
Special Education Class
-  Autism
-  Mental Retardation
            Cerebral Palsy
            Down Syndrome
-  Hearing Impaired
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Our mission is to prepare all students to become lifelong learners with the highest standards of personal and academic achievements and excellence; To develop responsible leaders who will participate in and meet the challenges of the competitive global society through collaborative efforts and resources within the entire community and beyond.